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  • Korda Carp Line

    If you’re looking for a tough, reliable line that won’t cost you the earth, then Carp Line is definitely the one for you! During testing Carp Line has already become a firm favourite with those who got their hands on the samples, including Elliott Gray and it is now his line of choice when fishing with mono. It is amongst the toughest lines on the market, without being problematic to use, and in any situation where weed or snags come into play it should definitely be your first choice to spool up with. It will handle weed, gravel bars and mussels better than most lines, but if there are signs of abrasion then it is also cheap to re-spool, as it comes on 1000m spools priced at just £12.99 – the price and spool size is the same for each of the five breaking strains available, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lb. The line sinks well, even more so once it has been used a few times, and is a nice subtle SUB-green colour which blends in well with most lake beds and is hard to see even in clear water. For such a tough line it behaves well on the spool and casts well, plus gives a very high knot strength. The low stretch factor makes it ideal for feeling the lead down to the bottom and making sure you get that ‘donk’ and are confident in where your rig has landed. Learn More
  • Korda Kruiser Control Line

    The first dedicated floater-fishing line. This material is perfect for use as surface fishing main line and hook link alike. It's wonderfully supple and limp giving you a natural presentation, while its clear colour helps to keep everything inconspicuous. Available in 150m spools, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb & 12lb Other products shown are for illustrative purposes only Learn More
  • Korda Subline

    Key Features

    • Designed to cope with all extreme fishing requirements
    • Superb toughness and knot strength
    • Outstanding suppleness and smoothness
    • Sinks exceptionally well
    • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
    • Ideally suited for use on heavy weed, snags, gravel
    Learn More
  • Korda Subline Tapered Mainline

    Key Features

    • Fast-sinking
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Tapers into an integral shock leader at each end
    • Designed for extreme-range casting
    • Each tapering leader is 15 metres long
    Learn More
  • Korda Touchdown

    Touchdown is a performance mono that has been designed to help you feel more as the lead impacts the bottom. This has been achieved by reducing the stretch, while maintaining the abrasion resistance and casting performance. It sinks well and has great knot strength. We've made it available in two versions, a low-viz green and a dark brown colour to suit all the lake bed conditions that you're likely to encounter.

    Touchdown is available in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lb, covering you for all carp angling disciplines.

    Learn More
  • Nash Zig Flo

    Dedicated line for zig or floater fishing. Ultra clear, low visibility and with excellent knot strength to diameter and exceptional abrasion resistance Zig Flo is the only choice for surface and zig work. Supplied on 100 metre spools ideal for floater and zig links and now also by popular demand 300 metre spools, allowing you to fill a reel with the perfect floater line. Available in 8 lb (0.23mm), 10 lb (0.28mm) and 12 lb (0.30mm). Learn More
  • RidgeMonkey RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono

    RM-Tec Mono mainline is the perfect all-rounder for almost any fishing situation, from an underarm lob in the edge to extreme distances on an inland sea. A great low maintenance fishing line with high abrasion resistance and low memory, superior casting qualities and low stretch. Supplied on massive 1200 metre spools. Developed in conjunction with renowned carp angler Dave Levy and former distance casting World Record holder Terry Edmonds, the RM-Tec lines have been put through their paces by our expansive testing team across Europe, from 1 acre ponds to 10,000 acre+ inland seas and big snaggy rivers, they have been vital in landing fish to over 70lb from multiple countries. Conservatively rated, the RM-Tec lines will break well above the stated breaking strains when used with a well tied knot and have performed without fault throughout the final testing stage. Key features: ‍Strong: high abrasion resistance makes the RM-Tec Mono a firm favourite for fishing in weed or near snags and will considerably exceed stated strength when used with a well tied Palomar, Grinner or Figure-of-Eight loop knot Supple: flows off the spool for superior casting, settles flush to lakebed with minimal memory Low stretch: excellent bite indication and emphasised “donk” when feeling the lead down, even at long range Fast sinking: cuts through the surface tension effortlessly and settles within minutes Available in three colours: choose the correct line to suit your own preference 1200m spool available in clear, brown and green in 0.35mm (12lb), 0.38mm (15lb) and 0.42mm (18lb) breaking strain. Learn More

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  • 7 Item(s)